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How Does ACell+PRP Injection Therapy Work?

Dr. Niedbalski has released results from a male and female patient who’ve been treated for thinning hair with Acell+PRP.  Video link shows their follow up visits 10-12 months post procedure.  The advantage of ACell+PRP is it’s non-surgical, less invasive application method.  ACell+PRP Injection is the newest breakthrough in medical hair restoration and follicular regeneration.  Dr. Niedbalski is one of four hair restoration surgeons in the country pioneering research on this new technique and has produced the most well documented results to date. See more photos below.


Justin - before and 11 months after ACell + PRP  Therapy

Justin – before and 11 months after ACell + PRP Therapy

Kami - Before and 11 Months After - ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy.

Kami – Before and 11 Months After – ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy.

Dr. Niedbalski is now offering an advanced treatment for genetic hair loss.  The breakthrough hair restoration technique dramatically multiplies the number of hair follicles in an area that has previously stopped growing hair.  Using FDA approved ACell wound healing powder MatriStem® MicroMatrix™ and an arterial blood serum combination of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Dr. Niedbalski is able to activate stem cells present in scalp tissue and significantly increase the rate of hair re-growth.

This hair cloning technique was discovered by Dr. Gary Hitzig, a leading hair transplant researcher and surgeon.  Hitzig discovered that if you dissolve the MatriStem powder in an arterial blood serum rich in the patient’s adult stem cells and inject it into the donor area and top of scalp where hair is being transplanted, the powder and blood serum combination acts like a hair growth accelerator and fertilizer by activating stem cells present in scalp tissues and directing healing by duplication of normal tissue or hair follicles instead of forming a scar.

In collaboration with Dr. Hitzig, Dr. Niedbalski is the only hair restoration surgeon in the Pacific Northwest to offer this significant new treatment for hair loss.

Donor area healing – 4 months post op. Note dark new hairs growing through previious strip scar.

About ACell:

ACell’s MatriStem® technology is a naturally occurring, non-crosslinked, completely resorbable, acellular material. MatriStem devices are unique from other scaffold technologies in that they fundamentally change healing by triggering abundant new blood vessel formation and recruiting numerous cell types to the site of injury. It appears that these cells, including progenitor cells, have the potential to differentiate into numerous types of site specific tissues. During the healing process, the scaffold is degraded and completely resorbed, leaving new tissue where scar tissue would normally be expected. This proprietary UBM scaffold technology can be used in a broad range of medical applications such as wound care, general surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, urology and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

 ACell/PRP Testimonial

I would like to thank Dr. Niedbalski and his entire staff for the very professional and superb hair restoration services.  This is my 2nd procedure, first was completed in 2006.  As with the first procedure Dr. Niedbalski provided very comprehensive pre op assessment and advice.  The 1stprocedure was excellent and his staff superb in making me feel comfortable during the process and assured of positive results.  I followed the doctor’s directions to the “T” and post op recovery was smooth and the results were excellent.

I couldn’t imagine a second procedure could go smoother than the 1st, however to my great surprise the 2nd procedure which I just completed in October 2011, hands down surpassed the 1st experience.  The Dr. met with me pre-op and provided an extremely thorough evaluation and discussion on the newest procedures and advances in hair restoration.  The Doctor gave me a very thorough explanation of a new processutilizing ACell Matristem and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)   Dr. Niedbalski proposed a hair restoral plan and approach and within weeks after the procedure was completed.

My experience the 2nd time around was absolutely phenomenal.  Dr. Niedbalski and his staff were as always extremely professional and provided the best medical services I’ve ever received from a doctor’s or for that fact a hospital’s staff.  I elected to have the ACELL and PRP process along with the hair restoration.  My assessment is made in comparison to my 1’st procedure, and the one immediate observation is that healing time is half what the 1st procedure took.  That alone is worth having the ACELL/PRP process done at the same time.  Another striking change as a result of ACELL/PRP is in the donor strip site healing and final look.  At the 5th day post op my donor site was well into the healing process and the lack of a scar like material was very evident.

In fact Dr. Niedbalski uses a process that enables hair to grow from the donor site making if very hard to detect and would easily facilitate the wearing of short hair without worry of the donor site being detected.  I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Niedbalski and his entire staff.  From first contact with his administrative assistants to experience with he and his surgical team, the experience was hands down the best I’ve ever had for any medical procedure and I’ve had a few major procedures in my 58 years.  I look forward to my third and final procedure, I wish I had not waited 5 years for the 2nd procedure, but will not repeat that mistake for the third procedure.

There are a lot of Doctor’s providing hair restoration services, finding a good one is a must, finding one that is very reasonably priced and excellent is even harder.  Dr. Niedbalski meets those requirements hands down.  There is no question Dr. Niedbalski and his staff will be the ones providing those services for me.

Tim, Anchorage Alaska

ACell + PRP Injection – Post Treatment Experience

I just wanted to report about my A-cell hair and Eyebrow procedures.  I didn’t have any remarkable swelling that a photo would show well , so I did not email any photos.

The first night, I did have a serious all-over headache and didn’t sleep well the early part of the night.   I did knead my forehead, and ice 15 minutes on/off, fairly consistently though out the night and for the next few days

2nd day, the pain subsided, eyebrow area were slightly swollen, again not enough that anyone would see, (baseball cap helped).   No bruising at all at any time.

3rd day, the puffiness and swelling dropped down below my eyes,(looked to be a  sort of  triangular effect around my temples…. again nothing noticeable unless you knew me—I just looked “tired” to people.( again baseball cap and I could have worn dark glasses but didn’t. )

4th day, a little puffiness under eyes and by the 5th day, NOTHING at all.  I attribute it to your good advice to knead the forehead, but maybe I should have kneaded my cheeks outwardly to rid myself of the that liquid build up?   At any rate, it was not complicated or stressful at all.   I think most of your patients could go to a desk job without being too obvious if they kept their hair down around their cheeks, that second/third day, but probably would be a good idea to stay home the first day and maybe the second if they are in the public eye.

I am hoping this information may help you with your patients.  I am really probably not a good test case because generally I don’t notice much pain.  Thanks for all, hope it works!  See you in a couple of months~~

Female patient with thinning eyebrows before (top) and after (bottom). Follow up was only 2 months after ACell + PRP injection therapy.

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